Sell Paintings

VKALART provide help to the artists sell their original hand-painted artwork online on

Join Us
First you need to register yourself on VKALART.COM as a customer and send an email at to give you artists area access. We will then create artist profile for you based on the information you have shared and will share further details on your registered email id.

You will also be sharing you bank details during this process, it will be used to make payments when your product is sold out.

Upload Art
Once the registration process is completed you can share your artwork with us with the following details:
- Painting Image
- Painting Title
- Height (Inches)
- Width (Inches)
- Medium
- Surface
- Price In-Hand

Prices for the painting/artwork will be decided by the Artist/Seller only, there is no restriction on prices.
Please only mention your expected price in-hand, we will add 25% overselves as our commission in the the amount shared by you. It (our 25%, commission) will include our Selling Fees, Shipping/COD Charges, taxes, Payment Gateway Charges etc.

Pricing Structure : Your Price + Our Commission (25% Of Your Price) = Selling Price

Order Process
When we receive any order for your artwork, we will inform you and arrange a pickup from your location. After receiving it at our office our team will then check for the originality and quality as mentioned on the website. If they found it meeting our quality requirements the painting/artwork will be delivered to the client.
After 15-20 days of receiving the painting at our premises, we will make payment directly to your bank account specified at the time of registration.


As mentioned above payment will be made to you bank account directly (shared by you at the time of registration) within 15-20 days after receiving the painting at our premises.


We have 15-days return policy that is unconditional forthe customers. In case if client wish to return the artwork, we first pick from them and check for any damage. If everything is fine, we send it back to the artist.
In order to avoid such situations, make sure your images on website and actual painting are in sync.


We prefer if you keep the painting in unframed format. Or in a format, where it can easily be removed from the frame and shipped. If you upload the paintings as framed, the cost of the painting increases a lot. Because in that case we will be adding shipping charges accordingly above our 25% commission. Hence we advise to do stretcher framing, so that painting can be easily unpinned and removed when somebody orders the painting. Make sure you upload your painting as Rolled Canvas in this case to avoid escalation of costs.