About us

Thank-you for your interest in VKALART!

Our small and busy online business caters to those that enjoy unique custom hand-painted products.  What I love to do is hand-paint pieces that I think would be enjoyed by all. It’s so much fun turning pieces into a unique work of art. 

VKALART is formed to sell hand painted product such as hand painted T-shirts, hand painted Jeans, hand painted shoe, hand painted sleepers, hand painted Kurtis, hand painted paintings, hand painted bag, hand painted wall clock and others.

All of the designs are unique and the main feature of the products is they are bright and lively colours. As such, they are targeted at the younger crowd.
Even then, we also have older customers who are young at heart. Most of our customers are young but there are older ones who opt for simpler designs
VKA’s products are washable and durable.
Customers can also suggest their own designs or even want to place their name, pictures and we can do it for them.

At VKA our goal is simple: We will do our best to provide our customers with total satisfaction.  Just keep in mind as hard as we try to keep our prices low, our products and our shipping charges  is subject to change.  If you have any questions or problems concerning products or service please contact us at:

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